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Volunteer Experiences

Vikas Nagrare

My Tryst with SPIC MACAY

My tryst with this noble movement was quite accidental. It started with a peep into the auditorium of Azad Hind College, Mumbai in 1995 -96 where Smt. Kishori Amonkar was at the peak of her performance. I had gone there not to listen to any classical music, but to volunteer at the shoe counter outside. For many of us, to volunteer for SPIC MACAY programs in neighboring institutions, was a good excuse to skip classes ‘officially’. Till that day, classical music just did not make any sense to me. But that curious 'peep' into the auditorium captivated me forever.

Sruthi Polali

Being a SPIC MACAY Volunteer

“So, who’s getting the banners?” “Who’s picking up the artists?” “Who’s arranging the sound and lights?” “Which concert are you coordinating today?” “Most importantly, who is getting ‘the eye’?”…… this is about all we, in SPIC MACAY Pune, were talking about for the two weeks of the Heritage-2010 Series. Like always, SPIC MACAY does not need any major event manager to run the show. We, as a bunch of enthusiastic young college goers (or wait, we did miss a few days of college during that time!) managed to conduct 70 events in 15 days at over 25 institutes in and around Pune.

Saraswati Sabbu


  The year was 1986. Time - a warm day in September. Occasion - Smt. Leela Samson's Bharatanatyam


I Feel Strongly . . .

Many a times, you work; work and only work and then you are left with no time to ask questions to yourself. As I stop and think about my journey in SPIC MACAY so far, a lot of thoughts, experiences and questions gather in my mind

Thressy Thomas

Why I Strongly feel...

I got my first opportunity to get to know about SPIC MACAY when I was a first year under graduate student in Delhi University. As I was curious to know what exactly it meant. Scarcely did I realise then that SPIC MACAY would inspire me so much,influence and nourish my life in a totally different angle. Then onwards it was a pleasure for me to be a regular participant of Satuday meeting at Lady Irwin College,Delhi.

Ricky Srivastava

Lessons of life learnt from SPIC MACAY

While posted at the Indian Navy Headquarters in Delhi, I was residing at Princess Park Officer’s Mess on Copernicus Marg. Every weekend during my morning and evening jogs, I used to visit the nearby auditoriums and fine art centers like Kamani, LTG, Sangeet Natak Akademi, NSD, Sri Ram Centre, Triveni etc and note down the details of the forthcomi​ng cultural events displayed on the respective notice boards.

- Srinivasan Ramakrishna

Volunteerism fuel movements – SPIC MACAY, my experiences

My last twenty-seven years of journey with SPIC MACAY has been a journey of exploring self. It has been a very soulful one. Though initiated into Music and Dance from early childhood at home by parents, SPIC MACAY did nurtured and stroked my creative pursuits. As I entered into my forties, I can say that the richness of my life is only because of the movements like SPIC MACAY, especially SPIC MACAY being a complete voluntary movement – of the Rasiks, by the Rasiks for the Rasiks.

Suman Doonga


Culture is an important part of one’s identity as it shapes one’s values and sense of belonging. When I came across SPIC MACAY, I immediately felt a connection with its vision. I realized the importance of the idea of imbibing Indian heritage education for students along with a formal education, especially in today’s context. 


My Lifetime Achievement Award by SPIC MACAY

Padma Bhushan Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan came to Chandigarh on his 105th birthday. We received him at the airport in the every inch marigold decorated wheel chair and took him in floral decorated car. His room too had marigold garlands on all the four walls . At  the head end hanged a wall length long Happy birthday banner made of semi precious stones. At the entry door was the  poster with his life size picture for the program.