Our Activities

We believe that there is a great deal of learning and inspiration in the heritage and arts of the world. We seek to transmit this to the youth through various activities, all involving contact and interactions with great artistes, artisans, thinkers and poets of our land.

LEC-DEMS (Lecture Demonstrations)

Our core events are the hundreds of concerts or lecture demonstrations that we organise throughout the year. Masters of different forms from classical music, dance, folk music and dance and world heritage come to educational institutions and perform for the students. Lec Dems provide the stage for an informal interaction between the students and artistes, and help to create & fine-tune a future audience.


Folk Art and Craft Workshops

Our rich heritage and culture is well embedded in our crafts and in folk. Indian folk and craft is full of variation and multiplicity in terms of themes, forms, and styles. The folk forms have contributed significantly in the development of the classical forms of the country. SPIC MACAY conducts various folk performances like Baul, Pandavani, Ottanthullal, Yakshagana, Qwwali etc all over the country to inspire the youth. Different craftsmen continue to influence our heritage with various crafts such as Puppetry, Painting, Carving and Fabric Colouring etc.



SPIC MACAY organizes inspiring and informative talks by enlightened persons from various walks of life. The topics maybe as varied as the arts, environment, philosophy, development, spirituality, literature and the folk arts. These talks are held periodically in sub-chapters and chapters throughout the year. An ideal setting for the talks is the weekly meeting, which not only enlivens the meeting but also provides inspiration to the SPIC MACAY volunteers.


Yoga / Holistic Camps

Yoga, greatly neglected as a form of inner growth, is fostered in SPIC MACAY Yoga camps. These are generally conducted by authentic yogacharyas with the goal to provide one with a balanced development of the physical, mental and spiritual being to attain perfect harmony. Holistic Camps are live-in camps where students and others stay for a given period of time away from their hum-drum normal routine to experience another way of living focused on simplicity, good health and spiritual training.


Heritage Walk

SPIC MACAY organizes Heritage Walks in different parts of India, where group of students (accompanied by an expert or historian who explains the importance of the place and events associated to them) walk and explore the place, reliving not only the past but a living tradition. The real essence of the city is unearthed as these walks highlight a vast range of architectural styles, and trace the city’s social and cultural history.