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Complaints and Grievances

To promote a healthy work environment, we recognize that it is necessary to provide an accessible channel for addressing grievances and giving our volunteers a medium to express their concerns. 

Use the form below to and the same will be directed to our ‘harmonizing committee’ whose primary role is to ensure smooth functioning of the movement by minimizing any friction amongst the stakeholders. The members of the harmonising committee are listed below. If uncomfortable in filling in the stated form (due to concerns about data privacy or other reasons), please feel free to reach out personally to mentioned members on their email ids listed below.

Name and Contact details


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  • Arun Sahay - He is the Chairman of the Harmonizing Committee. He has been the Chairman of the SPIC MACAY from 2015-2019. (
  • Saraswati Subbu - She is the Chairperson of Delhi and NCR and is a member of the Harmonizing Committee. (
  • Amal Mukherjee - He has been associated with SPIC MACAY for years and has represented the West Bengal State in the National Executive of SPIC MACAY several times. (

ICC and complaints related to sexual harassment 

SPIC MACAY is committed to provide a work environment free from sexual harassment as it violates an individual’s personal dignity and right to work with freedom. Sexual harassment at the workplace is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated by anyone irrespective of their age, designation or experience in SPIC MACAY.

In accordance with Indian Laws, SPIC MACAY has constituted a five-member National Internal Complaints Committee. SPIC MACAY has also adopted a Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy (link to the policy) to regulate the functioning of the ICC.

A complaint must be given in writing by either emailing to or by contacting ICC Presiding officer or any of its members. 

The Internal Complaints Committee consists of the following members:

She is the Presiding Officer of the Internal Complaints Committee. She is the National Vice Chairperson of the National Executive for the term 2019-21

She is the chairperson of SPICMACAY Jammu and Kashmir. She is also the member of National Executive for the term 2019-21

She is the State Adviser for SPICMACAY Madhya Pradesh. She is also the member of National Executive for the term 2019-21

He is a retired Army officer based in Delhi. He is the CSF for the state Jammu and Kashmir and Bihar.

  • Jayant Bhatt (External member – Lawyer)

He is a practicing lawyer with more than 12 yrs of experience in India and abroad. He holds a dual masters in Law from New York University and National University of Singapore. He is a senior panel counsel for the Government of India, Member of the International Bar Association, Supreme Court Bar Association and Delhi High Court Bar Association. Apart from specialising in criminal defence, his chamber caters to a wide array of legal fields.