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Volunteer Experiences

Grace – A Value Embedded In Indian Classical Dance

 It was in Class 4 when my parents initiated me into Bharatanatyam. Vinod ‘Sir’ began by teaching me how to stand with my hands placed on the hips on either side. As the training progressed, trying to get the shoulder, elbow, hand, palm, fingers in the right position along with the right aramandi and the right position of the legs, knees, shin, feet, toes, back, buttocks, neck, eyes, forehead – all together was a challenge! But, one fine day when I did get it; it translated into a joy that spelt fulfilment as well as an emptiness that came from not wanting anything more.

Making of a volunteer.. Journey with the movement..

When i started in '99 i only knew that this movement aims to promote culture for youth.But slowly when u get in to organise more chapter meetings,artists circuits,conventions its an ocean of values to inculcate.The art of "giving" takes your leadership quality way ahead to become a better humanbeing.