SUPPORT SPIC MACAY: Invest in the Future through our Heritage

Dear Donor,

SPIC MACAY  invites you to be a part of this ambitious campaign that targets to promote Indian Culture and Art amongst the Youth.

Over the past several years, SPIC MACAY has sustained and flourished solely because of your constant backing and support through financial means. Since the advent of the pandemic, all of SPIC MACAY's activities have moved online and we've been consistently conducting weekly events gathering participation from viewers and volunteers from all corners of the globe. 

In a way, this pandemic has been brought us all together in a massive confluence of effort put in the direction of fulfilling SPIC MACAY's core mission of touching every child in India with its culture and mysticism by 2030. We have utmost gratitude towards your contributions to our movement through your whole-hearted donations.
In these challenging times SPIC MACAY is committed to ensuring:

  • Fulfilling the dream of holistic education for the youth.
  • Enabling performances of finest Art, Culture and Folk for our students that opens the window of abstraction and subtlety through inspiration.
  • Enable kids to reach the divine intuition within themselves that can only be tapped when their reach the Alpha zone.
  • Providing a platform for Artists who are the custodians of our heritage.  

You can help in 2 ways:

1. Making a donation - whatever small it is.

2. Sharing this appeal to more people so that they can help further.

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 All donations would be exempt under section 80-G of Income Tax Act of 1961 , mail the details of your donation to for receipt.

Every Bit Counts!