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Classical Arts

Indian classical music (Hindustani and Carnatic) - both vocal and instrumental, as well as dances, presented in an interactive and inspiring stage format by the living legends.

Folk Arts

Various Indian folk arts (music, dance, theatre,  painting, handicrafts, textile etc.) from all over India, are demonstrated through the leading experts.

Yoga and Meditation

Encompasses various forms of Yoga and meditation practices (Naad, Hatha, Mindfulness and more) -  the invaluable gifts of Indian civilization to the world.


Live plays by major theatre troupes in different languages and styles, work as engaging media for young students, while reflecting the society and its perspective.


An exhilarating amount of knowledge is inculcated in the youth by a galaxy of gurus through talks , covering a variety of topics such as Art, Philosophy, Theatre, History, etc.

Heritage Walks

Heritage walks, are the best way to learn and recognize our culture, tradition, heritage, rich nature, philosophy, myths and associated rituals with them. 

Holistic Food

Holistic and healthy food provides the necessary support to the body, mind and soul throughout the journey of life, and should be initiated at an early age.

World Heritage

SPIC MACAY collaborates with masters of classical arts from different parts of the world and brings them to the youth of the country, encouraging global unity and cultural awareness.

Cinema Classics

Cinema is a mirror held out to the face of the society. SPIC MACAY screens cinema classics by great directors like Satyajit Ray, Charlie Chaplin, Akira Kurosawa etc.