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Heritage Clubs

Concept Note

The SPIC MACAY Heritage Club is an integral body of SPIC MACAY for schools and colleges. Wherein the institutions become an active partner and nurture the students to discover and connect with their roots, with the methods which go beyond classroom learning environment. As the major challenge in this era is to impart value education and create future citizens of this world, who can share collective responsibility, to uphold the traditions and values of humanity. It means culture should be the fundamental link between people; it will unite them regardless of their background, their society, their economy and their citizenship!

Higher Education

Ministry of Education Higher Education Department has issued an important letter for all Centrally Funded Institutions to have an annual budget of 10 lacs. UGC, AICTE, AIIMS, Assam government, etc have issued letters for creating Heritage Club and promoting SPIC MACAY activities