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Why I Strongly feel...

I got my first opportunity to get to know about SPIC MACAY when I was a first year under graduate student in Delhi University. As I was curious to know what exactly it meant. Scarcely did I realise then that SPIC MACAY would inspire me so much,influence and nourish my life in a totally different angle. Then onwards it was a pleasure for me to be a regular participant of Satuday meeting at Lady Irwin College,Delhi. that gave an indepth knowledge of the movement called SPIC MACAY.Initially my activities were limited and restricted within the four walls of the college campus.It was during the National Convention held at Thiruvananthapuram I got my first glimpse of 'Koodiyattam' when I attended a workshop conducted by vidushi. Kapila Venuji. I consider myself to be very fortunate  to see and experience that great theater form which stood the challenge of time more than over 2000 years.SPIC MACAY opened a new chapter in approach in my life. This gave me great opportunity to experience concerts by great artistes and interact with them and most importantly I became aware of the great Indian tradition culture and an artistes,learned to appreciate and enjoy them.Was it like opening one's 3rd eye,the symbol of SPIC MACAY? Indeed it is. .SPIC MACAY introduced me to many forms of classical and folks arts. It provided me with a great opportunities to meet and interact with  world renowned artistes which includes Pt. Hari Prasad, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma. I relish these moments and also taught one a great lesson 'No gain without pain'.That was the dedication and hard work those great maestros or through.It gave me an insight into our tradition.After attending a overnight classical night at Vice Regal Lodge,Delhi University So inspired and challenged that its impact still continues to influence me.  Sharing is the best way to preserve our culture and that helps enriching the lives of others by inventing diversity. It is important to preserve our culture and heritage before it is too late.It is our duty to keep it for posterity sake. More over it will be a great opportunity for the next generation to know and learn about the past and their roots we inheritedWe are carried to an entirely different world each time we take part in the activities of SPIC MACAY. It paved the way for me to get to know more about my passion and above all me myself.When ever I think of myself SPIC MACAY comes to my mind.It helped me to know and reach myself within. It is a stream of energy filled with creativity,wisdom and above all love. It can cool your nerves,a great self healing process. What did I feel was frozen suspended in time ,air borne. Even for a few moments I felt my inner self like a lamp. I could see the so called problems or worries melting. I felt so light in spirit and thoughts and my future as pleasant as anything. Yes I know there are works to be done,we should have clarity in our life also we should be passionate about things that we care the most.SPIC MACAY  can definitely inspire you and help searching your inner self. for spiritual standing . Words have limitations,you have to experience SPIC MACAY to understand what I was trying to convey.

- Thressy Thomas