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World Heritage


SPIC MACAY proudly takes concrete initiatives to preserve the world heritage components and to keep them alive amongst the youth. The world heritage series of SPIC MACAY emphasizes on the ages old Indian principle "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam"  or the world is one family. The idea is to make the youth realise that no matter what country or which culture one belongs to, triumph can be achieved only when one covers the inward journey. Moreover, it highlights how we are all part of one big family despite of all the diversity and distinctiveness.

Music, and Art heed no boundaries and no limitations, this is a world known certitude and the performances organized by the SPIC MACAY movement are just another testimony to the given fact. They help us experience the multiplicity of heritage around the globe yet at the same time compels us to reflect upon the similarity in the values, principles and morals, giving us an apparent sense of unity.

In an expedition to fulfill these aims, SPIC MACAY collaborates with the masters of classical arts from different parts of the world, and brings them to the youth of the country thus, encouraging global harmony and cultural awareness.

Here are some selected glimpse of SPIC MACAY's wonderful journey of World Heritage.

Jazz Hungarian Duo

Hungarian guitar-percussion duo, in their early twenties, Máté Palasti and Tamas Siska often bewitch the audience during their performances as part of the SPIC MACAY World Heritage Series, with music that is quite well beyond their years. The duo has the rare talent to captivate people of all age groups i.e. from children to adults, with their art. One of the key performances of the artists was in November 2016 in the Bangalore School of Music. They often  confess of their admiration towards the Indian Culture and its similarities to the Hunagarian Culture while interacting with the youth as part of the SPIC MACAY lecture-demonstration format.

Danish Jazz Explorer Trio

The world-famous band “Jazz Explorer Trio”, consisting of the Danish saxophonist Lars Moller, guitarist Thor Madsen, and drummer Jonas Johansen has been performing under the SPIC MACAY world heritage series. Their musical events, often ranging from typical jazz to other western music inspired from Indian classical music, are an absolute delight to the jazz aficionados of the world. With SPIC MACAY lecture-demonstration format, the much-admired trio has often also interacted with the Indian youth to talk about what Jazz means to them, and how it became a part of their lives. 

Saxophone Virtuoso

George Brooks, a prolific and diverse saxophonist and composer, known for successfully bridging the worlds of jazz and Indian classical music is one of the revered artists who enlightens his audience with his art while performing for the SPIC MACAY World Heritage Series. During one of his key performance in March 2018 at IISER Pune he was accompanied by Sushree Rujuta Soman, who is a leading international Kathak Dancer from India and has been a disciple of Late Guru Dr.Rohini Bhate since 20 years. Their performance was undoubtedly a mesmerizing experience for all those who witnessed it.

The Arlid Andersen Trio

As part of the Word Heritage Series, the audience is delighted with performances by the infamous trio of Arlid Andersen, the legend in the world of jazz music, widely known for the Norwegian and International Jazz, accompanied by Paolo Vinaccia and Tommy Smith. When this trio released their first album in 2008, they were met with great enthusiasm from both the public and the press and they received the prize “European Jazz musician of the Year 2008” by the “Academie du Jazz “ in France for the release. Their infamous style and amazing talent is quite a valuable ordeal for the audience.

Japanese Noh Theatre

Japanese Noh Theatre is steeped in Zen Budhism and its ability to inspire a meditative experience in the viewer makes it unique such great experience is brought home by the SPIC MACAY World Heritage Series. A Noh performance is a combination of music, dance and drama. Elaborate costumes, crowns and masks are used which form a contrast to the austere stage and simple bamboo props. Modifications and innovations are not easily accepted in Noh and in fact, mostly all of the 245 Noh plays are performed in the same way today as they were performed in the 14th or 15th Century. 

Nils-Olav Johansen

Nils-Olav Johansen, a major Norwegian entertainer and jazz musician, known as an orchestra leader, has performed more than once for the SPIC MACAY World Heritage Series. During one of his performance, in 2009 at the St. Stephens College of Delhi University, They have been icing on the cake have been an integral part of the workshops arranged by SPIC MACAY in an attempt to let every child experience the rich cultural tapestry of World Heritage one such experience was at the Vasant Valley School in 2011.

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Latin Jazz

French Artists Guilllaume Duval and Julien Jugand are another noteworthy artists, playing double bass and guitar respectively, who perform for the SPIC MACAY World Heritage Series to promote the World Traditional Music amongst the youth. Few of their key performances have been at Delhi Public International School, Saket and Delhi Public School, Ludhiana which were organized by SPIC MACAY  in association with Kalasetu. The performances by the French Artists often described as friendly, poetic and inspired duet traveling from Western classical, jazz, and Latin-American repertoires, enthrall their audience.


Oud and Tumbak Performance

Issa Murad of Palestine and Fakhroddin Ghaffari of Persian-Kurdish root are one of the outstanding performers associated with the SPIC MACAY World Heritage Series. The instruments played by them i.e. the Oud and Tumbak are considered as one of the oldest and also the "King of Instruments" in Arab origin, and the Principle Percussion Instrument of Persian music respectively, when played by such amazing artists surround the audience with their enchanting sounds. One such memorable performance by the artists was organized in Bangalore in 2017.

Grand Opera Performance

Paris National Opera Children's Choir is quite a renowned choir, being the biggest and highest level children's choir in France. Watching 67 performers from 10 to 30 years of age stage wonderful performance which are a treat for everyone who get a chance to experience them, they also perform for the World Heritage Series of SPIC MACAY. One of their highlight performances has been their performance at the Shri Ram School, Vasant Vihar in October 2019 organized by SPIC MACAY along with the French Embassy and SRF. It was a once in a lifetime ordeal for everyone present at their performances as they showcase their art with extreme grace and beauty. As icing on the cake, as part of the SPIC MACAY lecture demonstration format young and excited students got a chance to interact with the artists.