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Revered artists like Ms Anjolie Ela Menon edify young artists through their journey, experiences  and knowledge of their artworks. 

Social Activism

Ms Aruna Roy founder of Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghatan is one if the eminent personalities whom we get to hear through talks arranged by SPIC MACAY. 

Child Rights

Who's better than Nobel Laureate Shree Kailash Satyarthi Jee to have an insight about Child Rights and enlighten our minds through his valuable words.


Ashish Kothari is an Indian environmentalist and one of the founders of Kalpavriksh gives his valuable opinion and lessons to the youth during talks.


Dr. Karan Singh a renowned philanthropist and poet is amongst the speakers who often enrich the youth with their philosophical knowledge in various talks.

Cinema and Society

Nandita Das a renowned actor and director is one of the speakers who elaborates on how society influences cinema and in return cinema influences society. 


Padma Shri Awardee Shree Raghu Rai Jee illuminates the minds of youth through his journey his lessons and his words during his talks.


During the Rendezvous Series MK Raina spoke about theatre in education and society along with other speakers on a variety of topics throughout the initiative.


Dr. Ramji Narayan enlightens youth with his immense knowledge of history in his talks.

Weekly Meeting

Talks during the weekly meeting between volunteers not only enlivens the meeting but also provides inspiration to the SPIC MACAY volunteers.