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Swami Vivekananda once asked Swami Ramakrishna how he could also see God. Swami Ramakrishna replied that experience (anubhav) was one of the greatest aspects of life. It is through this that one can have a glimpse of the Almighty. He went on to say that Swami Vivekananda had read too much and that came in his way not allowing him to experience the truth. This day and age is particularly designed for ‘experience’. Faith has fallen to an all-time low and can only be revived in an individual by his or her own personal experience. And the experience has to be of the bad as much as it has to be of the good. The road to heaven lies through hell; hence one should not hesitate to experience the worst, keeping in mind at all times that one must not be caught midway. This is possible by having an anchor and one method of getting it is through any form of meditation. There are thousands of different forms of meditation developed in India over the ages, and SPIC MACAY seeks to give our youth glimpses of these.