Weekly Meetings

SPIC MACAY runs on two wheels: conceptual & organizational. The weekly meetings oil both these wheels regularly. The Weekly Meetings are an integral part of the voluntary movement where the volunteers from all walks of life meet for organisation and conceptual purposes. Usually the weekly meeting is organised on every Friday/Saturday at a specific venue where all the members of that chapter meets together to plan about the current and upcoming events of that chapter, share their experience in organizing and preparing for the events, exchange posters and banners for different events to happen in different institutes and discuss the issues related to the movement in a global and national perspective. Sometimes, there are talks by enlightened personalities on different aspects of our composite heritage like arts, literature, folk and even on topics like philosophy, development, environment, spirituality etc. Celebration of nationa/local festivals, in-house baithaks, interaction with local artists and other prominent personalities, audio-visual programmes, interaction with NGO - are other few things that happen during such weekly meetings.

SPIC MACAY is not merely  an event/program organizing body. We have to find ways & means of reaching out to the young. This involves coming & putting our head together. The weekly meetings are our strength & mainstay. It is purposeful and attractive, ever drawing new dedicated members. The abilities of each member are taken note of and put to the best use for the welfare of the chapter. Besides planning for the regular activities and working for a common goal, the weekly meetings also enrich the volunteers and bind us together in fellowship. A sense of belonging takes place .

This is also an ideal platform for new members to join in and get introduced to the movement. Below is a list containing the details of weekly meetings for different chapters. Please feel free to drop by, meet the volunteers and join this movement to celebrate the folk and classical heritage of our country.