Rural School Intensive

Rural School Intensive (RSI) is a new initiative of SPIC MACAY to include the hitherto neglected rural children. SPIC MACAY is making a concerted effort to consciously include students from rural areas, corporation and government schools by organizing an increasing number of programmes.

In this direction, in Oct 2011, SPICMACAY organised its first ever Rural School Intensive in Narendrapur village, Siwan district in Bihar where more than 300 students from 30 of Bihar’s 38 districts participated in a 6 day programme learning about various arts from all over India. A similar programme was organised for rural students in Anantpur, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam districts of Andhra Pradesh in Jan 2012. And in Aug 2012 in Kolkata for students from different districts of West Bengal. By organizing with the support of SSA and the local govt. SPICMACAY hopes to reach out to every rural child in every State.

Each RSI is for 6 days where students experience yog, learn artforms through workshops with Gurus, attend concerts by great maestros, watch classic cinema in English, Hindi and Kannada and listen to talks by eminent speakers. For each RSI, the SPD-SSA’s office ensures selection of students from different schools in the region/ district. And provide basic hospitality for food and accommodation of all participants, artists and guests; make infrastructural arrangements for hosting concerts and workshops, screening classic cinema, etc.

This initiative can have a profound impact on the mind of the young child, in making them more aesthetically inclined and imbibe values of discipline, focus, humility embodied in Indian culture. Most children will remember this experience life-long as they get exposure to rare artforms from the state and other parts of the country.

This activity is in tune with the recent RTE Act also and helps make education more holistic. The RTE Act mentions that art education is a fundamental right of each and every child and reiterates in Schedule on p12. Section 1, Chapter V lays emphasis on values and overall development of the child. Also refer Sec 11, Chapter V, 29 (2) a,b,c,d,e. Chapter IV, (p65) lays emphasis on nurturing aesthetic sensibility and values by integrating the arts and India’s heritage of crafts in every aspect of the curriculum.

Collaborating with SPIC MACAY which has served the nation for 36 years will be beneficial for the Education dept and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan by adopting this best practice as an initiative in holistic education.