LEC-DEMS (Lecture Demonstrations)

Our core events are the hundreds of concerts or lecture demonstrations that we organise throughout the year. Masters of different forms from classical music, dance, folk music and dance and world heritage come to educational institutions and perform for the students. Lec Dems provide the stage for an informal interaction between the students and artistes, and help to create & fine-tune a future audience. Here the artistes demonstrate the art forms with the help of explanations, thereby, making their art form easily comprehensible. The rapport thus created helps the student develop a wholesome understanding of not only the art form but also the artiste as a practitioner of a certain way of life.

SPIC MACAY concerts/lec-dems are organised keeping in mind the aesthetics of the art we are presenting. We endeavour to create an ambience which is free from distractions and helps the artistes take the audience deeper into their inner spaces. We enjoy organising programmes as Baithaks, bringing with it nostalgia of the traditional ‘Upasak-Rasik’ relationship. It is held in informal settings with a limited audience. The performer earns the invaluable ‘Daad’ from the audience, while the latter get an opportunity to steep themselves in the creative ‘Rasa’-a sacred experience indeed.