Different regional groups of SPIC MACAY chapters hold conventions at various times of the year at large educational institutes to gather all volunteers at a common location to rejuvenate and plan together at a larger scale. There are state conventions held in each state twice a year and an annual National Convention which is held every year during the summer vacation in the month of June. Conventions follow a rigorous schedule starting with Yoga early in the morning, interactions and workshops during the day and ending with concerts in the eveningThe goals of these conventions is to bring the youth from the entire country and from all walks of life in a common platform, where they can exchange ideas, share experiences and get inspired to propagate the movement in the year ahead. Participants get to experience the performances by great maestros and get an insight into culture and music of India, its values and ethos.

These convention are a celebration of our composite heritage. Here, the aim isn’t just to entertain a crowd, but to inspire one. A bond is created between the performing artist and the audience. Interactions are held through concerts, lec-dems, talks and workshops. Participants spend these days with eminent Gurus imbibing from them, values and thought processes which have made them great. During intensives, participants get an opportunity to have one-on-one interactions with the artists for 2 to 3 days in workshops where the artist talks about the art-form, teaching the participants in the Guru-shishya style of olden times. Yoga sessions are planned by gurus of naada yoga and hatha yoga. A convention isn’t just some week-long affair, it is a platform to generate that spark among the youth, to ensure the continuity of the art form, to inspire the youth to produce the future Vishwa Mohan Bhatts, Zakir Hussains and Gangubai Hangals, so that another Max Muller in the near future can say that India is the most blessed place on earth.

There are generally three types of conventions :

National: The national convention is the national gathering of SPIC MACAY family held by any chapter. It happens annually in June. It is attended by delegates from the Centers, Sub Chapters, Chapters, Staff advisors, Patrons, State Coordinators, Central State Coordinators, Senior Advisory Groups and the SPIC MACAY National Advisory Group. At every convention about 500 people from all over India are present providing an Idea Platform for the intermingling of diverse cultural flavor. The duration of the convention is usually five days and consist of sessions relating to SPIC MACAY’s own character, growth, directions, new trends and the organizational structure. Beside these, there are concerts, folk arts and crafts, talks, yoga and films.

State: A state convention is an event called for in order to involve Chapters of particular state and to assess the progress of the ‘movement’ at the state level. Each state organizes two, one or two days state conventions annually which should be organized before the start of LEC-DEM/VIRASAT & FEST series for better planning and coordination. It is attended by office bearers of national executives.

School: This is specially designed to promote SPIC MACAY activities in schools.